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Re: Amount of Information Known

At 08:20 AM 3/27/97 CDT, you wrote:
>> Which non-avian dinosaur is the most information known about?
>>_Maiasaura peeblesorum_, surely
>>_Allosaurus fragilis_ may be the best described
>Another one you might take a look at is Camarasaurus, especially 
>Osborn and Mook 1921 and Gilmore 1925.

And add to the Camarasaurus references:

Madsen, J.H., Jr., J.S. McIntosh, and D.S. Berman.  1995.  Skull and
atlas-axis complex of the Upper Jurassic sauropod Camarasaurus Cope
(Reptilia: Saurischia).  Bulletin of Carnegie Museum of Natural History 31:

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