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Re: RTs (lengthy)

Van Smith writes;

>I believe Mr. Jones argues that without RTs, an animal on an expensive
>energy budget would lose so much H20 and heat as to render that animal
>incapable of moderating either.  I suspect that RTs exist in both 
>modern mammals and birds because, for small forms (and all modern 
>mammals and birds evolved from very small ancestors), they are indeed 
>important for heat and moisture retention (ventilation surface area/body
>as well as ventilation rates both become higher and higher for smaller and 
>smaller animals).


In watching a presentation on the Discovery Channel (I know, not the best 
source of info), the narrator said that the function of the RT's is simply to 
give the animal a better sense of smell (more places to put olfactory 
receptors).  Is this merely a case of double-duty, with the RT's performing 
multiple roles?

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

"Keep your stick on the ice."
        -Red Green