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Re: turtles + plesiosaurs

Chris Nedin wrote:
> Does anyone know of any deposits which contain both turtle and plesiosaur
> fossils, or turtle + ichthyosaur fossils, or turtle + plesiosaur +
> ichthyosaur
> fossils.
> Some references would be nice, but the name of the formation and its
> location will do.

The basal Turonian portion of the Mancos Shale at Black Mesa in 
northeastern Colorado preserves the pliosaur, Trinacomerium 
bentonensis and Desmatochelys

Kirkland, J.I., 1990, The paleontology and paleoenvironments of the 
Middle Cretaceous (Late Cenomanian - Middle Turonian) Greenhorn 
Cyclothem at Black Mesa, northeastern Arizona: unpub. Ph.D. University 
of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1320 p.

There was also a summary paper on the vertebrates from the Mancos Shale 
pub by Grace Irby in Fossils of Arizona, Mesa Southwest Museum, but I 
cannot find the reference.

Jim K.