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Trying to get a better look at the family of Iguanodontidae i should
like to get some answers to the following questions:

The Dinosauria speaks of "other remains include isolated femora from the
Kimmeridgian-Tithonian of Portugal (Galton, 1980)" Callovosaurus
(femora) was found in Oxford, England. Are this isolated femora not yet

For the following Iguanodontidae i could use info concerning the
fossilsite and horizon

Heterosaurus neocomiensis (Cornual, 1850 partim)/ fossilsite and horizon
Iguanodon suessi (Bunzel, 1871) / horizon
Iguanosaurus / horizon
Mochlodon (Nopsca, 1900) / fossilsite and horizon
Onychosaurus hungaricus (Nopsca, 1902) / fossilsite and horizon
Ornithomerus gracilus (Seeley, 1881) / fossilsite and horizon

Thanks in advance

With regards
Fred Bervoets