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Re: turtles + plesiosaurs

On Thu, 27 Mar 1997 13:39:21 -0700 dis@gj.net writes:
>The basal Turonian portion of the Mancos Shale at Black Mesa in 
>northeastern Colorado preserves the pliosaur, Trinacomerium 
>bentonensis and Desmatochelys
>Kirkland, J.I., 1990, The paleontology and paleoenvironments of the 
>Middle Cretaceous (Late Cenomanian - Middle Turonian) Greenhorn 
>Cyclothem at Black Mesa, northeastern Arizona: unpub. Ph.D. University 
>of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1320 p.
>There was also a summary paper on the vertebrates from the Mancos Shale 
>pub by Grace Irby in Fossils of Arizona, Mesa Southwest Museum, but I 
>cannot find the reference.
>Jim K.
           Reference for Grace Irby's paper is:

      Irby, Grace V., 1995, Marine Reptiles from the Upper Cretaceous
Mancos Shale, Black Mesa, Northeastern Arizona, pp 75-80, _in_ Boaz, D.,
Bolander, S., Dierking, P., Dornan M., and Tegowski, B. (eds). Fossils of
Arizona, Volume 3, Proceedings, Southwest Paleontological Society, Mesa
Southwest Museum, Mesa, AZ.

       In addition:

       McCord II, Robert D and Tegowski, B.J. 1996, Mesozoic Vertebrates
of Arizona. II. Cretaceous, pp. 45 - 54, _in_ Boaz, D., Dierking, P.,
Dornan, M., McGeorge, R. and Tegowski, B., (eds) Fossils of Arizona,
Volume 4, Proceedings, Southwest Paleontological Society, Mesa Southwest
Museum, Mesa, AZ

        Deb Boaz,  Editor    :-)
        Southwest Paleontological Society
        Mesa Southwest Museum

PS - Copies of either volume are still available. In addition, we are
presenting a call for papers for the Southwest Paleontological Symposium
to be held on November 15, 1997. (I realize this is short notice, but the
whole program has been re-vamped and the focus has shifted from fossils
of Arizona to the paleontology of the southwest region.) Anyone
interested in participating should contact me through private e-mail.