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Re: Mononykus

> On the paper (by Zhonghe Zhou, Auk 112(4): 958-963, 1995) "Is _Mononykus_ a
> bird?": Chiappe et al. (1996) in Mem. Queensl. Mus. 39(9): 557-582 address
> some of the numerous criticisms leveled at their interpretation, and a
> paper by the same authors (I think it's in press, if not yet released) in
> Auk (114) specifically (and absolutely wonderfully) responds to Zhou's
> comments.

     Yes, that was the one.  I got the distinct impression on reading it
that the author hadn't examined the actual specimen himself, but relied
only on published figures.  
     Again off the subject, can anyone tell me what the smallest mammal of
all time was? 
Jeff Martz