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RE: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

> As a lapsed physicist myself, I don't think it is entirely fair to
> compare physicists and chemists to creationists.   Perhaps some are, but
> I doubt that any objective measure of various academic disciplines would
> find them any more anti-evolutionist than any other area.  

      I never even insinuated that physicist/chemist = creationist, simply
that I had NOTICED that nearly all the creationists with real credentials
to thier names have been physicists.  And I can almost guarantee you there
are fewer biology or geology degree holding creationists then in ANY other
field, so I think your second statement is in error too.

> You are of course wrong that biological systems do not follow the 2nd
> law.  

     I said I had heared two physicists saying that, not that I beleived
it.  The reasons why the argument is in error has been adequately
explained by other postings; the Sun is the energy source that keeps
(most) biological systems from going to a state of entropy.
     Sorry to clutter up the list.  We should take this debate discussion
off line now, I just didn't wanted to clear up the little apparant
misperception that I was a creationist.
P.S. I am Jeff MARTZ, not Jeff Poling

LN Jeff