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Re: Asteroids didn't kill dinosaurs, scientists say

That doesn't really indicate that the asteroid wasn't responsible.  
Regardless of what may have been occurring at the time, the dinosaurs
may have survived it.  The asteroid was (apparently) still the final

It seems a coincidence that all this should happen within a short
geological timeframe.  Does this give credence to the dark companion
theory for the Sun?  The theory provides for a dark companion to
disrupt the Oort cloud, bombarding the inner solar system with various
debris.  Not being a geologist, I would think periodic bombardment
could lead to this sort of climatic disruption if over a short enough
time period.

Just a thought.


> Hey, everyone,
>         Just got this story from Newspot.
> Asteroid didn't kill dinosaurs, scientists say
> A team of London scientists challenged the theory Wednesday that an
> asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The mass extinction
> had already been under way for several million years when the asteroid
> smashed into the Earth near what is now Mexico, giving what amounted to the
> "coup de grace," they wrote in the Journal of the Geological Society.
> According to experts, a period of violent volcanic eruptions combined with
> a big drop in global sea level to weaken dinosaurs' dominance. For the full
> text story, see F U L L   S T O R Y
> <http://www.merc.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=2121339-3db>


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