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Re: turtles + plesiosaurs

Tracy Ford wrote:
> You wrote:
> >
> >
> >Kirkland, J.I., 1990, The paleontology and paleoenvironments of the
> >Middle Cretaceous (Late Cenomanian - Middle Turonian) Greenhorn
> >Cyclothem at Black Mesa, northeastern Arizona: unpub. Ph.D. University
> >of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1320 p.
> >
> Does the University of Microfilm's have your thesis? If so, do you know
> the number of the thesis?
> Yes, but I do not have it.

I just remembered I repeat the faunal info in a recent pub.

 Kirkland (1996) Paleontology of the Greenhorn Cyclothem (Cretaceous: 
Late Cenomanian to Middle Turonian) at Black Mesa, northeastern Arizona: 
New Mexico Museum of Natural History ans Science Bulletin 9, 131 p. 50 

Plates are of invertebrates. See Lucas for pliosaurs.

Lucas, S.G. 1994, Late Cretaceous pliosaurs (Euryapsida: 
Plesiosauroidea) from Black Mesa  basin, Arizona, USA: Journal of 
Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, v. 28, p. 41-45.

Jim K.