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no-longer-headless (was Mononykus)

At 05:00 PM 28/03/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Sure, except that the keeled sternum is >plesiomorphic< to Coeluria, since it
>is known in at least one pre-coelurian theropod (the no-longer-headless
>wonder from Dinosaur National Monument, which also displays a giant furcula).

I assume that this was the headless theropod that was taken out by
helicoptor.  I read about it as a cover story in the Dino Times.
Unfortunately, this is also the last time I heard anything about it (other
than it had a furcula).  Does this mean they went back and found a head, or
that they found a new specimen?  I have not even hear what type of theropod
it was.  I gather no name has been given to it, as none was used.  Is there
any information as to what type of theropod this is?  The skeleton was
excellent, how is the skull?  (Yes, I know, too many questions.  I joined
this list because I am curious.  In my defence, you brought it up. :-))

"the truth is, I don't really care how the dinosaurs died.
I'm interested in how they lived."  (Dr. John R. Horner,
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