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Re: Subject: Bird hibernation/torpor

John Bois wrote:
> 3. Big egg-laying animals should best exploit the strategy of
> defence over close-cover stealth.  Constant attention to a nest
> means predator-alerting crackling in the bracken. 

what about modern sea turtles that just wade ashore, crawl at great
effort to an area where they are not at ease to defend themselves,
scratch out a hole, lay LOTS of eggs, bury them, and crawl slowly back
out to sea never to return and check on them again?  Are these animals
not big enough to be used as a model?

Several of the clutches of dinosaur eggs could have been just such a
scenario, with scooped-out hollows that numerous eggs were laid in.
Without evidence of parental supervision.
Baby sea turtles are also major predator fodder on their first foray out
of the egg and into the sea.
This could easily be pictured as baby dinosaurs scrabbling for cover,
being snatched at by whatever happened to be around to eat them.
           Betty Cunningham  
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