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Re: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

In a message dated 97-03-28 19:11:49 EST, you write:

<< << > Jeff Poling writes;
  > >     Is it just me or does the physics community have
  > >more then its fair share of creationsists? >>

It seems to me that most of the creationists I have encountered (That have
any college at all) have degrees in alliend fields, and not really a hard
science.  I have encountered many math majors, engineers (Hydraulic
engineering is the specialty of the founder of CRSI (sp?) in San Diego) and
such, but RARELY do I encounter a Hard Science major who is creationist.  The
most recent one I can think of was a Sophomore in my Biology of Organisms
class, where we hit evolution daily.  I didn't worry however, because his
goal was to become a Homeopathic doctor, like his father.  

Oh, well.  There will always be those among us who will refuse to believe
science and want to cling to the conforting warmth of pseudoscience.


In a dinosaur-related question... Which museums have the best displays
dealing with evolution, and more specifically, the evolution of dinosaurs?