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Re: besides mamenschisaurus

On Wed, 10 Jan 1996 17:20:56 -0800 enrique writes:
>At the diplodocid pages, there is a photo of the skeleton of
Mamenchisaurus, in a >museum, but just behind there is a skeleton of a
theropod too.
I don't actually have the book, but the description sounds suspiciously
like the mounting found in the atrium of the American Museum of Natural
History in New York City.  Is the Mamenchisaurus  (identified as
Barosurus in the museum's display) rearing up to defend itself and its
offspring from the theropod?  If it is, then it's the same display.  In
this case, the theropod is _Allosaurus_ (fragillis?).

We're confused as hell, and...not sure we should do anything about it.