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Dinogeorge web site

Prompted by the disappearance of my autoresponder, I finally got around to
setting up my own web site


It's very rudimentary and presently features a status report and ad spiel for
my dinosaur publications, which three years of "life" in Buffalo have turned
into a shambles, as well as the most current version of my Dinosaur Genera
List (typeset). Later I'll add some links to interesting dinosaur web sites
and a few dinosaur pictures by Tracy Ford. I'll be updating the site fairly
frequently; comments and suggestions are welcomed.

The autoresponder Dinogeorge@answerme.com no longer works, for reasons never
made known to me, and I've abandoned it in favor of the (free!) web site that
AOL provides each of its members. This web site is now the place to visit
when you want to find out what's happening with my dinosaur publications
(nothing much recently, but hope springs eternal).