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 Greetings from Alberta, Canada. Would you belive there is still snow
here?!! Long delayed due to various reasons (mostly too busy with too many
projects), but here's the update covering the past two months:

 1. LOST WORLD EXHIBIT. This is now known as "LOST & FOUND". It will open
here at Tyrrell at the end of May. Duration of the exhibit is open- I've
been told it will be up until at least next spring. Mounting for the
TYRANNOSAURUS for this exhibit is done, with last minute painting being done
now. We have corrected a few inaccuracies in the original AMNH mount-
namely: shortened the tail; replacement of forelimbs with new, smaller
versions and addition of a furculum (wishbone). Previously I had said a
DILOPHOSAURUS skull would be in this exhibit- this is still true but with an
added twist: It is not an Arizona, USA specimen, but comes from China. It is
a complete undescribed specimen apparently similar to something called
"DILOPHOSAURUS SINENSIS", according to Phil Currie. Much of the past two
months have been spent working on displays for this new exhibit. 

 2. Technician Clive Coy departing. Yes, Clive is leaving us and taking on
the 6 year senior technician position for the as yet unbuilt Okiyama Museum
of Natural Sciences in Okiyama, Japan. He leaves us at the end of September
and will be sorely missed. Part of this job includes 3 field seasons in the
Gobi Desert-lucky! I do not know what the status of his position here will
be, so please do not email me with queries regarding possible job
position(s). I'll let you all know once I know. His leaving was a great
surprise to many of us. Of the original small core of people that eventually
became the Tyrrell Museum when I joined (1980) the paleontology department
at the Provincial Museum in Edmonton, Alberta, now only 2 remain: Phil
Currie and I. 

 3. Paleopathology Bibliography Homepage. Previously I had planned on doing
a massive upgrade of this homepage for around Easter and with a dinosaur
pathology bibliography. Some changes here. I have been strongly encouraged
to publish the dinosaur pathology bibliography (that was to form the core of
the update), and am now planning on doing so and have something available
for sale by the end of this year. It will have c. 700 annotated citations,
all cross-referenced by genus/species and topic. If anyone out there is
working on dinosaur papers on paleopathology, that mention pathology, or
want to contribute a personal communication regarding research, field/lab
observations, etc. please contact me ASAP for inclusion. Any updates to the
homepage are on the backburner at least for now. 

 4. 1997 Field Season. This works out roughly as follows:

 Dinosaur Park (June-August).
                Finish multigeneric bonebed 47 excavation started last year.
                Finish bonebed 138 CENTROSAURUS excavation started last year.
                Open up CENTROSAURUS bonebed 41.
                Finish adult GORGOSAURUS skeleton (TMP94.12.602) started
last year. 

 Drumheller (June-August).
                Open up and collect EUOPLOCEPHALUS skeleton found last summer.
                Open up and collect adult tyrannosaur skeleton found last year.

 Sandy Point (June-July; Sandy Point is c.80 miles east of Dinosaur Park).

                Finish collecting EUOPLOCEPHALUS found last summer.
                Open up a CENTROSARUS bonebed there.
                Geological/sedimentological/microsite studies.

 5. DASPLETOSAURUS skull TMP94.143.1. I still continue to work on this and
find more and more evidence of healing tyrannosaur toothmarks and other
injuries. The way things are going, this skull may prove to be more
pathologic than the T. rex "SUE". I'm currently preparing the beautiful
braincase which is a most complex piece of anatomy. I nearly had a heart
attack last week while working on this. I was pushing a sharp needle held in
a hollow pin vise against rock attached to the braincase when the needle
suddenly shoved right through the bone. Or so I thought. I turned the bone
over expecting to see the protruding pin and damaged bone. But nothing was
there. Closer inspection showed, much to my relief, that the pin vise had
let go of the pin, causing the later to be pushed up inside the tools'
hollow tube handle! Kinda like one of those Hollywood knives where the blade
safely slides up into the handle when you stab your victim!

 6. TMP94.12.602. GORGOSAURUS fibula. I am also preparing this. It shows a
MASSIVE healing fracture at midshaft. Surprisingly, on cross-section
inspection, it shows the fibula was fractured LENGTHWAYS for an as yet
undetermined distance.

 7. TMP90.26.1. STRUTHIOMIMUS. Ken Kucher has finished preparing this
excellent skull which can be seen on Jeff Poling's homepage at:
 The palate can be seen in both dorsal and ventral views and both orbits
were cleaned out so deeply that only 1/8 inch of matrix remains inside. The
orbits really are huge.
 Work on the skeleton has not been done lately.

 8. TMP95.110.1 ORNITHOMIMUS. The near perfect skull of this specimen has
now been scientifically illustrated and Clive Coy hopes to attach it to the
rest of the now fully prepared skeleton soon. The entire skeleton and skull
will be part of the LOST & FOUND exhibit this summer. The skeleton is a
panel mount- fully exposed on one side only, with the rest safely cradled in
the rock it was found in.

 9. FACE-BITING IN THEROPODS. Phil Currie and I are working on a paper on
intra- and interspecific face-biting behavior in large theropod dinosaurs,
manifested as healed bitemarks. I would like to correspond (email) with
anyone who has undescribed material or is familiar with this topic and has
any comments. The popular literature is replete with mentions of healed bite
trauma in ALLOSAURUS, but we have not seen any material actually showing
this. Any takers? 

 10. EMAIL PROBLEMS. Phil Currie and I have had all sorts of problems with
email. Our server has obviously got too many customers for the number of
lines it has. We either don't get mail, get disconnected during downloading
of mail (and resultant loss), or cannot get online. This leads to delays and
much frustration on both our part; especially Phil. 

 11. I leave for Dinosaur Park the first week of June and will be there 3
months. In September, I'm to go down to the Dalton Wells Quarry near Moab,
Utah and work with Brooks Britt and work there for the month. From there I
will be going to my first SVP meeting in three years. Hope to finally meet
some of you in Chicago. 


 Darren Tanke


Darren Tanke
Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Box 7500
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. T0J 0Y0
Senior Editor on the:
Annotated Bibliography of Paleopathology, Dento-Osteopathy and Related Topics
11,364 citations as of March 7, 1997.
Visit our bibliography homepage at: http://dns.magtech.ab.ca/dtanke
Can you help with this ongoing project? Email me at: dtanke@dns.magtech.ab.ca