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Re: Star trek filth

My goodness.  You are not very observant for a student!  Our nation's 
future is evidently  at risk.  Go back and read my post and, if you 
are still as confused as you seem to be now, I am very sorry.


>       I am sorry but anyone who appreciates anything to do with the 
> writing, directing, costuming, character ideas, or implications 
> concerning the meaning of star trek and its stories has obviously no 
> life at all and/or nor personal creative flow of their own.  It is time 
> to get a life and write your own fiction instead of watching these stupid 
> demeaning episodes that have the same outcome every single time.  Exactly 
> where do you think the story lines are going? No where, that's where.
>       If polysacharides (sp) are in the universe, spawning life--the 
> same way earth aqciured life--don't you think that there would be a hell 
> of a lot more variations and degrees of lifeforms out there?  What is 
> wrong with you people?  Sitting in your little ignoramous tanks eating 
> vegan twigs, do you ever just want to aspire a little more than star trek 
> filth?  Or would that be sacrelige?
>       Ever heard of imagination? Exercise? Dating?  Let me tell ya, 
> there is a lot more to life than Captain Jon Luke Pecker, or whatever his 
> name is. Wake up. 
"Very funny, Scotty.  Now beam down my clothes."