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Re: The (ugh!) "Voyager" dino-show...

Brian Franczak wrote:
> It has always been my contention that it is
> just as easy to get it right than get it wrong. Apparently, VOYAGER's
> writers and producers didn't really seem to think that it mattered that
> much one way or the other.

Having worked with Andy Probert while at Sega, who was concept designer
for Star Trek from the first movie through about year 3 of Deep Space
Nine (and designed most of the interior sets of Next Gen, Deep Space
Nine, and the Ferengi), I can assure you that the current troop of
producers DON'T give a damn.  It's why he left. It only matters if they
can sell Christmas ornaments and coffee cups, now.  
   He did some work for Disney, too, redesigning the EuroDisney
Rocketride, but just missed getting to work on the new dinosaur ride
which really bummed him out......Bill Stout got that one, so it all
works out.  Stout did much concept work on the Indie ride in LA as well.
           Betty Cunningham  
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