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Re: Chicxulub crater

> Date: Thursday, 1 May, 1997 5.14 PM
> Dear All, 
> I've been reading up on the critiques of the asteroid impact hypothesis
> for the sole cause of the K-T extinction.  I've come across a 1994
> reference which refers to a 1960s well drilling into the Chicxulub
> {spelling?} crater that is interpreted as showing it can't be an impact
> crater of any kind.  Also, examination of 2 Deep Sea Drilling Project
> cores from sites that are the closest to this crater confirm non-impact
> signatures.  The crater is also shown to be the wrong time, with late
> Cretaceous sediments overlying the actual depression.
> Is there any other post -1994 reference that refutes or confirms these
> findings?  Is there any other crater considered a worthy candidate for
> the supposed K-T extinction event? (i.e. the right *size* and the right
> time?)

        Well, here's a long list of references going back to 1994.  I can't say
that any of them refute the paper you asked about, but it's something to
work with...

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Hope this helps!

Tempe, Arizona