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DinosMP <enrique@sn.no> wrote:
> Anyone who's got the book "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" in
> front of themselves. At the diplodocid pages, there is a photo of the
> skeleton of Mamenchisaurus, in a museum, but just behind there is a
> skeleton of a theropod too. Does anyone know which theropod that is?

T.A. Curtis said..
>      It appears allosauroid; I believe that's a _Yangchuanosaurus_.

I though it was _Gasosaurus_. But I may be getting my photos muddled, though
certainly the only theropod displayed with _Mamenchisaurus_ when I saw them as
part of the 'Dinosaurs From China' exhibition was _Gasosaurus_. It has always
amused me that we see this complete gasosaur skeleton in photos and exhibitions
so often. Err.. how much of the thing is actually known? 

And, just as a reminder, where does this animal fall out in the clad analyses
Tom? Are all Chinese theropods just a hopeless tangle of Sino-taxonomic
obfuscation and synonymity, or is there order in the theropod hall of fame? 

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