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Re: Herrerrasaurus the Herrerrasaur

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> I'd leave _Herrerasaurus_ outside Theropoda (which is diagnosed by the
> "theropod foot," functionally tridactyl, hallux lowered and at least
> partially retroverted, proximal part of metatarsal I absent, metatarsals
> II-IV closely appressed: not a _Herrerasaurus_ foot at all). There can still
> be an order Herrerasauria, within a larger group Theropodomorpha.

Hmmm....I guess your'e right. But when you mentioned theropodomorpha, 
what are the diffesences between maniraptora and maniraptoriformes? 
(Don't ask me how theropodomorpha could make me think about maniraptora)


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