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Re: Herrerrasaurus the Herrerrasaur

In a message dated 97-05-02 06:43:07 EDT, enrique@sn.no (DinosØMP) writes:

<< That's right. But herrerasaurus is no longer a member ov the orden 
 Herrerasauria. Because herrerasauria dissapeared, and Herrerasaurus 
 bacem a theropod. >>

I'd leave _Herrerasaurus_ outside Theropoda (which is diagnosed by the
"theropod foot," functionally tridactyl, hallux lowered and at least
partially retroverted, proximal part of metatarsal I absent, metatarsals
II-IV closely appressed: not a _Herrerasaurus_ foot at all). There can still
be an order Herrerasauria, within a larger group Theropodomorpha.