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Re: besides mamenschisaurus

Jonathon Woolf wrote:
>The theropod in question looks strongly allosaurish to me, but I know
>zip about how to distinguish big allosaurish theropods.  It's big, it's
>got a heavy skull with lots of teeth, and it has three-fingered hands. 
        I caution anyone against attempting to draw conclusions from mounted
skeletons without more information. Sometimes significant portions of the
skeleton are reconstructed. In the new AMNH mounts at least, the bones which
are indicated, and this may be the case elsewhere (I believe Sereno et al.
attempted this wiht their mount of _Deltadromeus_, unfortunately, news crews
seemed most interested in the head, which was all fake). This was evidently
not done with the mounts illustrated in _Dinosaurs from China_. For example,
the illustration of _Gasosaurus_in that book features a SKULL*, and you
cannot really tell where the reconstruction ends and the bones begin.

* not a very realistic looking one either.
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