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This had better be the last message to even mention Star Trek

What follows is an excerpt from the welcome message currently sent to
people when they subscribe to the dinosaur mailing list:

  We have generally been a congenial group, and nobody has ever been
  forcefully removed for abuse of the list.  However, since we're now
  going back to an unmoderated format, removing subscribers and
  instructing listproc to ignore their mail is [sic -- oops!] our only
  means for dealing with problems.

Were I still moderating the list, most of the Star Trek talk would
have been spiked -- I love complaining about Star Trek as much as the
next guy, but it doesn't belong here (except for specific references
to paleontological topics).  And flaming people for liking or
disliking Star Trek is yet another step further removed.  If little
wars like what I've seen over the past couple of days spring up again
I'm likely to institute "time-outs" (more or less the electronic
version of making people sit in a corner).  Since I'm going to become
a parent in October I might as well start acting like a parent, I
guess...  That is, if you publicly heap abuse without providing any
substance to a discussion, I'll instruct listproc to ignore all
messages from you for a week.  If you do it again after your timeout
period has ended (perhaps during a three-month probationary period),
I'll remove you from the list entirely.

Please, nobody put me in a position of feeling I have to make good on
these threats.


Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)