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To all,

As some of you may all know, the USPS officially released it's new set of
dinosaur stamps.  The Bozeman, MT post office, to get in the spirit, had a
stamp selling table in the Museum of The Rockies today where people could buy
sheets of stamps for $4.80 US, posters of the sheet of stamps, and even get
your poster or stamp sheet signed (thus cancelling it) by none other than Dr.
Jack Horner.

Another thing at the Museum today (that surprised the heck out of me) was the
unveiling of the first skull of _Einiosaurus procurvicornus_ ever put on
display.  It is a plaster cast and (yikes!) is not in a glass display box,
but sitting on a wooden table/cart so every small child in the museum can
brea- err I mean touch it.  Now finally after all these months of trying to
explain to people what the heck _Einiosaurus_ is, I can finally just point
over there and say, "I'm working on a piece of that thing."

The Museum will be opening it's new _T. rex_ exhibit in the coming month.  I
don't remember the exact date off hand, but it's suspiciously close to the
opening of "The Lost World".....  This is the new _T. rex_ found by the MOR
in 1990 outside of Jordan, MT. and photographed in Horner and Lessem's "The
Complete T. _rex_."

For Museum of the Rockies members, Horner is hosting a lecture/reception
titled "_T. rex_ on Trial" on May 30th where he will review the evidence pro
and con about whether or not _T. rex_ was a scavenger or predator.  Hmmm....
wonder what the verdict will be?....

Speaking of weather......  it snowed in Bozeman again.  I did not enjoy
scraping of more than a foot of wet, heavy snow from my truck today, and then
having the engine die three times because the snow drifts were too big to
deal with while in reverse and 4WD..... Ya, I know it's my fault for buying a
12 year old car, but I can still complain, for gosh's sake, it's May.....

Peter Buchholz

Huhd-sin-el-PID-ee-uh, I can say it just fine Darren..... :-)