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[Fwd: Re: Chicxulub crater]

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jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
> Is there any other post -1994 reference that refutes or confirms these
> findings?  Is there any other crater considered a worthy candidate for
> the supposed K-T extinction event? (i.e. the right *size* and the right
> time?)
> I'm not fully convinced there was an impact, after immersing myself in
> critiques.  This crater was the best candidate, but the 1994 reference
> says no.  Not being a geologist by trade, I find myself very confused.
> If anyone can enlighten me with newer references, please do so!

The Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Carribian Leg found the the entire 
basin was covered by an ejecta blanket from the impact right at the K/T 
boundary. The Discovery of the ejecta blanket under Florida has forced 
their hand in announcing this. My friends in charge of paleo told me 
when they got off the boat last year. 
        Any Cret. based material in crater is based on pollen from 
sediment eroded or slumped back in from margin (Crater is 10-15 miles 
deep). There is NO QUESTION that the impact is right at the boundary 
based on all marine fossils found in cores.
        It happened. The consequences need further study.

Jim K.

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