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Re: last trek post

This is not a post about televised futuristic navies, but rather a 
note in agreement with this sentiment from the justly accused 
(although, if it matters,  I didn't start my flaming episode!).  
Whether we go off-topic is one issue, but even if we're on topic,we 
shouldn't resort to ad hominem attacks on each other. When you read 
something that makes your eyes roll (or water!), it's very 
tempting to rush to the reply button and fire off some furious 
response (it's particularly easy in this method of  communication), 
but it serves no purpose and is terribly rude. Remember how much we 
have in common -- we are all on this list because we are (ostensibly)
adults who are still interested in dinosaurs (many of you  have 
commited your lives to serious study of dinosaurs) -- so 
let's think at least twice before we are personally abusive to those 
we disagree with.  Then think a third time, and conclude not to do 

(But if you DO decide to flame me, be sure to wrongly surmise my 
opinion -- at least I get a giggle out of it in that case!)

ps: hearty congratulations to Mickey on his upcoming miracle -- my 
own son was born Thursday, May 1, at 12:31am.  The little 
fellow in the blue stretchy will certainly like placodonts.


"Very funny, Scotty.  Now beam down my clothes."