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Dinosaurs on 'Sliders'

I am curious: did anyone else here watch the SLIDERS episode that was on
last night?  To make a long story short, it had dinosaurs in it: a
T-rex, some _Parasaurolophus_, and an indeterminate theropod about ten
meters long and more lightly built than a tyrannosaur or carnosaur.  The
SFX wasn't the best, but then you can't expect JP quality from a TV
show. <g>  The behavior I thought was roughly believable, except that
they repeated the irritating blunder of having the carnivores vocalizing
while hunting.  

This isn't the first time SLIDERS has had a dinosaur on, either. 
Sometime 'way back in their first season, they did another dino
episode.  That one featured a single allosaur.   

Anyone else see either of these episodes?  What's the consensus on how
SLIDERS deals with dinosaurs?

-- JSW