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Re: Soft Tissue Remains at Chinese Sites?

Rich Travsky asks if there are any pictures of the chinese sites anywhere.
The answer is yes.  David Bubier of the Academy of Natural Sciences, (and a
professional photographer,) went along on the trip and took 82 rolls of
film and 10 hours of videotape.  Bob and I have seen a lot of the photos.
I'll defer to John Ostrom and Company to say whether they are pushing the
soft tissue claims or not.  The evidence is beautifully preserved in
Solnhofen-type limestone, seemingly a mass extinction as a result of a
volcanic event, and the slabs have hundreds of animals, not just dinosaurs
but plants, insects, etc. beautifully preserved and "caught in the act" of
living, not unlike Pompeii.  So much information about one time and place
is, I think, an extremely important body of evidence wanting only
interpretation at this time.  It is always a tendency to overstate the
importance of finds, so all of us working with the Academy are being
somewhat cautious, but the totality of the environmental preservation of
this site is what makes it interesting to life restoration artists, at
least.  We might have a chance to picture it right.

Tess Kissinger


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