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Tetanurae@aol.com wrote:

> As some of you may all know, the USPS officially released it's new set >of 
> dinosaur stamps. 

And boy was it an event --- in Grand Junction.  Jim Gurney was on hand
to graciously admire the unveiling (and as anyone who knows him can
attest, "gracious" is Gurney's middle name).  Jim Kirkland was there to
lend his expert perspective, even if not on the "stage."  Dr. Bob
(Bakker) was on hand to thrill and excite more than 300 elementary
school kids, as Dr. Bob does so very well. And there was even a great
Dave Thomas Utahraptor strapped to a trailer outside the building,
though I haven't a clue why.  I didn't see Dave at the event.  Jim
(Kirkland) tell me again WHY that Utahraptor was waiting in the parking

> The Bozeman, MT post office...where people could buy sheets of stamps >for 
> $4.80 US...signed (thus cancelling it) by none other than Dr. Jack >Horner.

Gee, wish I could have been two places at once.  Speaking of BEING

> The Museum will be opening it's new _T. rex_ exhibit...Horner is hosting a 
> lecture/reception titled "_T. rex_ on Trial" on May 30th 

What are the chances of a girl dino writer getting a press invitation to
this event, Mr. B?  Hmmmmmm????  Should I just ask him at THE LOST WORLD
press preview May 10?  Did I mention I get to go?  See the movie early?
:)))  Okay, so it's not science.  I'm still gonna have a blast. 

girl dino writer