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Calendar events

I apologize, but I left the e-mail address of the person who wanted to
put together a paleontology calendar together at work, so excuse my
cluttering up the list with this one message.

Aside from the "real" events, may I suggest you put in the "pageant of
fossil life" in the calendar too, in a different font or color.  That is,
take the year and compress geological time into that year.  We've had
students do it as an exercise, using a school year (Sept 1- May 31), and
here's what they come up with (mya dates approximate):

Earth begins (4600mya) Sept 1
First Microbes (3500mya) Nov 5
First hard shelled marine animals (570mya) Apr 28
First primitive fish (450 mya) May 5
First insects, spiders and land plants (ferns, mosses) (400mya) May 8
First amphibians (375 mya) May 9 
First reptiles (360mya) May 10
First dinosaurs (225mya) May 18
First mammals (200mya) May 19
First flowering plants (180mya) May 20
First birds (160mya) May 21 
Last dinosaurs (65mya) May 27
First saber-toothed cats (37mya) May 29
First people and mammoths (5mya) May 31, 4:54 pm
Ice ages begin (1.9mya) May 31, 9:24 pm
Ice ages end (0.01mya) May 31, 11:59:51 pm
Today (0mya)  May 31 midnight

Using the full year, it is more dramatic, especially when you see that
the dinosaurs don't show up until December.

Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.