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Fictitious Dinosaurs in various visual (and non-visual) media

One can't help but notice the tremendous amount of verbiage devoted to
the portrayal (or usually mis-portrayal) of dinos on TV's and in
theatrical motion pictures and also a bit less about how they are
described in fiction.

One also notices that usually the greatest number of nasty words get
focussed on someone elses tolerance or (usually) intolerance of the
degree of scientific innacuracy. 

What is surprisingly missing from all this heat is some sort of
constructive solution to the problem. The entertainment business, is --
for better or worse -- a business like any other. Farmers grow bigger
and better apples, and Hollywood has the same sort of notion about
bigger and better blockbusters. So what else is new?

If some of the folks on this list would like to come up with a couple of
things on the order of, say, a "committee" of experts that are willing
to consult (perhaps for free) to the latest and greatest Hollywood opus,
and some sort of genuine incentive for TV networks or studios to
contribute to legitimate scientific inquiry, we'd be happy to help
publicize the existence of these resources.

>From my own experience, I've observed that in the halls of Hollywood the
almighty buck and some executive's notion of what is boring rules the
day! Griping amongst ourselves will not make much difference at Amblin

There's is a famous (perhaps apocryphal) anecdote about Harry Cohen, the
virtual ruler of Columbia Pictures for many years, and a man with a
well-earned reputation for "earthiness." He had something that might
have been called the "butt" test: if his posterior got tired and itched
during a screening, the picture was no good. Unfortunately, whether the
story itself is true or not, the attitude is definitely true and the
kind of superstitious thinking that accompanies the attitude precludes
scientific accuracy as just another way to bore the audience and put the
picture over budget. It is important to remember that Mr. Cohen was
responsible not only for a lot of junk, but also for such films as On
The Waterfront. The "butt test" had some level of empirical accuracy.

Surely, we might all gathered here agree that real science is just as
thrilling as nonsense, but the challenge (if we accept the mission) is
to convince "entertainers" that this premise is true.

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