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Re: Herrerrasaurus the Herrerrasaur

Dinogeorge wrote:
>"theropod foot," functionally tridactyl, hallux lowered and at least
>partially retroverted,
        I do wish someone who really knows a heckuva lot about the theropod
foot would speak to this. It seems that the more I read about it the less I
know about the hallux.
        Any of our theropod foot folk want to comment?
        (He says, expecting another cryptic message from Dr. Farlow. :)

>proximal part of metatarsal I absent,
        Ostrom (1969) notes, and Holtz (1994b) reiterates, that the proximal
portion of MT I is not necessarily absent, but the central shaft is
cartilaginous [sic?]. I presume this means that we frequently do not
recognize the proximal portion of digit I when it is present in the field.
        As an aside for George, if the shaft is cartilaginous, the return to
quadrudactyly in Therizinosauroidea should make more sense. Although I
maintain that the complete redevelopment of the proximal portion of MT I is
not too hard to believe, if MT I were merely cartilaginous, ossifying it
should represent less of a burden to George's concept of morphological
evolution. There, see George, they *can* be theropods after all. :)
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