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Re: iguanodon whith feathers

At 16.26 09/01/96 -0800, you wrote:
>On Spitspergen there have been founf iguanodontid footprints, of a upto 
>15m. long Iguanodon.
>I've made a drawing of this polar Iguanodon whith cold-protecting, 
>puinguin-like feathers.
>Any comments?

In the italian newspaper _Corriere della Sera_ of november, 13th, 1984,
disegner Renato De Pretto redraw a famous picture of Iguanodon by Zdenek
Burian's, covering it with a thick, short fur.
The drawing illustrated an article of Giuseppe Minelli, where, among others,
is said that "... the outspoken statement that the whole class _(reptiles)_
is unable of thermoregulation begins to creak. Already with pterosaur arose
first doubts...A russian scientist found skeleton remains of a pterosaur...
_(with)_... a thick fur all around his body...But research about this topic
is directed also to other reptiles of that times...Investigations are
continuing through indirect signs".

Eugenio Spreafico