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Re: Fictitious Dinosaurs in various visual (and non-visual) media

In a message dated 97-05-04 03:30:23 EDT, dinosaur@interport.net (Office)

<< If some of the folks on this list would like to come up with a couple of
 things on the order of, say, a "committee" of experts that are willing
 to consult (perhaps for free) to the latest and greatest Hollywood opus,
 and some sort of genuine incentive for TV networks or studios to
 contribute to legitimate scientific inquiry, we'd be happy to help
 publicize the existence of these resources. >>

Just a short comment. While I agree with the premise of the post, I would say
>never< give Hollywood >anything< "for free." Hollywood, the TV networks, and
studios are not in business to "contribute to legitimate scientific inquiry";
they're in business to make money by selling entertainment to the masses.
Information, and >anything< for that matter, given away for free to Hollywood
is quickly treated with contempt as worthless. Hollywood is rolling in money,
and the studios should be obliged to pay the going rate for scientific
consultation if they want it. Convince the studios that scientific accuracy
will make their product more salable. Only then will they go to the trouble
and expense of making their product scientifically accurate. Considering
that, after nearly fifty years of movie-going and TV watching, I have yet to
see a scientifically accurate movie or TV program (2001: A Space Odyssey
tried and came close), I'd say this would be a difficult proposition to