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re: Astro turf

LN Jeff wrote:
>    How controversial is Paul Sereno's placement of _Euparkeria_ at the
>base of Archosauria, its dissasociation from the ornithosuchids, and the
>placement of the ornithosuchids with (Gauthier's) pseudosuchians to form
        I should point out that Padian and May (1993, in _The Non-Marine
Triassic_) chastise Sereno for improper phylogenetic taxonomy, as expressed
in this paper. Sereno's "Crurotarsi" is invalid in this context, as it names
the clade that Gauthier identified earlier as Pseudosuchia. He invalidates
Pseudosuchia, on the basis that its membership has changed (to include
_Ornithosuchus_), and I believe he also strikes Ornithosuchia for the
opposite reason. This is not a valid reason to replace a taxon in PT, and
Gauthier's taxa stands (poorly named or otherwise).
        Lesson for us all: If you name a taxon after a genus, include the
genus in the definition, or you're asking for trouble.
        Another lesson: Learn the rules before you play the game.
        (No criticism of Gauthier is implied above. If nothing else, if you
invent the game, you get to make few beginning stumbles (IMHO)...)
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