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Re: Dilophosaurus again

> I know this thread is a bit old but I am WAY behind on my email. 
> Anyway, Dlophosaurus sounds to me like a fisher.  Can someone tell me
> what environments they are thought to have lived in?  Is this even
> plausible?

      Ornithosuchids and ceratosaurs both had a similar subnarial diastema
with enlarged dentary teeth to fill it, though if Paul Sereno is correct
they developed it independantly.  Sereno describes the ornithosuchan
_Riojasuchus_ as having a "piscivorous snout".  
     Interestingly, crocodilians have a similar arrangement, but
alligators don't (I think).  Someone who knows a little more about
crocodilian jaws might offer some perspective.  Off the top of my head, my
thoroughly unsubstantiated impression is that gavials with thier long,
skinny jaws and little needle sharp teeth are piscivorous, but alligators
and crocodiles with thier more massive jaws and teeth tackle larger and
more varied prey.        

LN Jeff