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Re: Chicxulub crater references

jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
> Thank you for your quick, information-filled reply, but what I requested
> are published references to help me evaluate the impact nature of the
> crater.  Can I see the Caribbean Leg data of the this recent drilling
> project published somewhere, or about to be?
> You say "There is NO QUESTION that the impact is right at the boundary
> based on all marine fossils found in cores."  That is your professional
> opinion, and I respectfully wish to look at the references that back up
> this statement.  Can you provide them, please?
> I respect your professional standing as a paleontologist, but I retain
> the right to be skeptical of any claim until I can evaluate all the
> information for myself.
> Thank you in advance for the time you take to dig out any references for
> me. It is greatly appreciated.

As always it will be published as a volume(s) of the ODP series. I'm 
CC.ing this to Dr. Mark Leckie at U. Mass. who was in charge of paleo. 
on that leg. Perhaps he will forward to references to us.

Jim Kirkland