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A Dinosaurs & Hollywood Science Committee : was Re: Fictitious Dinosaurs in various visual (and non-visual) media

In line with the efforts of The Dinosaur Society, a possibility might be
to set up something on the order of the CSICOP "Candle In The Dark
Award" and "The Snuffed Candle" Award which was first presented this

CSICOP, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is the Committee
for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. More than
any other organization they have been not only a watchdog, but also a
resource for the media on such issues as Uri Geller or Poltergeists and
what have you.

Recently, in honor of Carl Sagan, they started the aforementioned
"Candle" awards which were presented with much fanfare in Hollywood to
both programs that were accurate and, in the case of Dan Aykroyd, for
programs that were stunningly innaccurate. The award got a lot of
attention on Entertainment Tonight and in the trade papers as well as,
I'm sure, other journalistic outlets.

Pethaps something on the order of "The Archaeopteryz Award" for soaring
science or the "Failed Fossil" award for bad reportage... might be a way
to go with Dinos.  Clearly NOVA would be a possible recipient for the
former and Star Trek a great candidate for the latter.

Clearly, "publicity" is the only way to get anyone's attention on what
is an important issue of accuracy.

E Summer

Bettyc wrote:
> Office wrote:
> > What is surprisingly missing from all this heat is some sort of
> > constructive solution to the problem. The entertainment business, is --
> > for better or worse -- a business like any other. <snip>
> > If some of the folks on this list would like to come up with a couple of
> > things on the order of, say, a "committee" of experts that are willing
> > to consult (perhaps for free) to the latest and greatest Hollywood opus,
> > and some sort of genuine incentive for TV networks or studios to
> > contribute to legitimate scientific inquiry, we'd be happy to help
> > publicize the existence of these resources.
> a very good review by someone who HAS done dinosaur work for movies and
> television is by William Stout and is in the Dinosaur Society's website
> http://www.dinosociety.org/kissinger/prt2pg10.html
> And the Dinosaur Society keeps trying to be that self-appointed
> 'committee' of experts for Hollywood, but Hollywood doesn't seem to have
> taken them up on it yet.  Hollywood is like that.
> --
>            Betty Cunningham
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