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Tom Holtz's history of the theropods in Dinosaur World

In the first issue of "Dinosaur World," Allen Debus's new dinozine, 
Tom Holtz has contributed part one of an article on the history of 
the Theropods.  I enjoyed it, am looking forward to the supplemental 
articles  and recommend it to anyone who would like to read an 
overview of the subject for the interested non-pro.

The first issue featured several other contributions of interest 
(remember that it's a home brewed 'zine, so grin and bear some of the 
editorial prose).

If you're interested, it's $15.00 for three issues to Allen Debus, 
1208 Nashua Lane, Bartlett, IL, 60103.


"Very funny, Scotty.  Now beam down my clothes."