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Re-evolving bones?

You wrote: 
>Loads and loads and loads of it: reversals/atavistic traits are far 
>"insane" or "impossible". To cite a few (sorry, no refs beyond a 
>Gould book, but these are widely known in evolutionary biology): 
>toes, hen's teeth, numerous bones and muscles in birds (Raikow has
>published a bit on this), ummm... humans, more amphibians than you can
>shake a stick at (e.g. the plethodontid septomaxilla, I think), and so 

Horeses regrew there toes? Which hen's have teeth? Which bones so I may 
be enlightened?

>Since we're dealing with extinct taxa with no extremely close living
>relatives to study (e.g. Deinonychus, Archaeopteryx and Mononykus 
>alive, so we can't study their development), it's far more objective 
to let
>the character distributions tell the story, and leave the invocation 
>"special knowledge" of non-avian coelurosaurian developmental patterns 
>processes out of the picture.

 Or do you have a live therizinosauroid hidden
>away in a lab somewhere and have made some startling discoveries about 
>morphogenesis? If you do, the world is waiting for you to announce 
>findings; otherwise, please, let's get on with some science and be 
>about what we do/don't know.

Thank you for such a KIND comment.

So what happens when Paleontologist, nearly completely ignore a group 
of animals, Prosauropods from their cladagram, because they can't 
concive them being the ancessor? Clark, Perle and Norell, only mention 
a what Sereno,
 (only 6 things), and not do a detailed cladisitc anaylasis of 
Therizinosaurioidae and Prosauropoda? What would they have to loose? To 
COVER all the ground is the BEST way to be the MOST scientifically 

For the record, I'm am well respected and my idea's/theroy's are also 
welcomed from many a professional paleontologist. THEY have even asked 
ME what I think about different things. I was telling 
people/paleontologist that
 Therizinosaurus WAS a segnosaur long before that was accepted. And I'm 
telling everyone now, either Therizinosaurids are Prosauropod 
descentants or for some strange reason, Herrerrasaur hold overs.