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While writing about his local post office and all the snow he's getting, Peter
Buchholz informs us that..

> The Museum will be opening it's new _T. rex_ exhibit in the coming month.  I
> don't remember the exact date off hand, but it's suspiciously close to the
> opening of "The Lost World".....  This is the new _T. rex_ found by the MOR
> in 1990 outside of Jordan, MT. and photographed in Horner and Lessem's "The
> Complete T. _rex_."

Thanks to the photos Luis Rey bought back with him, the artistic brotherhood
here (brotherhood in its generic sense Kel;)) is all in a spin over >ROM's<
_Tyrannosaurus_ mount. It is an odd creature - something Luis has been telling
me for a while, but which I can now confirm having just received my photos of
it. Hyper-shortened tail, teeny gracile forelimbs, very stout neck. I don't like
the end of the snout - it looks very restored and the nostrils don't appear to
be in the 'right' position. Anyhow, I'd like to know more about this specimen.
If its truly reflective of _Tyrannosaurus_' true appearance, hey, we're dealing
with a very different animal from the conventional image. I haven't seen
published photos of this skeleton.

Darren Tanke did say recently that a _Tyrannosaurus_ mount (at Drumheller I
presume) was being re-done in some way. Is that anything to do with the ROM

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a real rush."

> Huhd-sin-el-PID-ee-uh, I can say it just fine Darren..... :-)

_Ekgmowechashala_.... Sioux for 'Little cat man'. On the subject of
pronunciations, does anybody ***know*** how you say Zdenek? I have a suspicion
it's 'Zhen-eesh'.. but I'm still going around saying 'Zed-e-neck'.