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"Eyes Open" - Science, Science Fiction, Galilieo, and Something else

It's curious that a recent dramatic program (which I finally got to see)
that dealt rather eloquently (in my opinion) with the issue of the
repression of scientific knowledge and research by an establishment that
felt it had a great deal to lose if its myths were shattered has
engendered so much rancor because of some genuine flaws in the factual
underpinning of the story.

Have we all forgotton Galileo allready? Wasn't there a recent flap over
Creationism right here in this very mailing list that put knots in a lot
of stomachs? 

There is no question that accuracy in the description of modern
paleontological knowledge is important, but in a world where the Paluxy
dinosaur tracks can be secretly altered to impress school children with
doctrinal teaching, a drama which metaphorically takes on the dilemma of
science and religion in the modern world may very well have something
important to offer besides cold data on "genera."

Frankly, if I had children, I'd prefer them to see this show twenty
times rather than to hear a single syllable of some fundamentalist
teaching based upon altered dinosaur trackways. In reality, they should
hear both in order to have tools with which to approach the truth.  It
seems to me that this was precisely the issue that the drama dealt with.

Given also the fondness of so many folks on this list for science
fiction, it is strange indeed that a particular story provoked so much

As one of the charcters on the "Ugh" {{{dont' dare mention the name of
it}}} show said: "Eyes Open!"

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