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MOR =/= ROM (was ROM'S _T. REX_)

Darren Naish wrote:
<<Thanks to the photos Luis Rey bought back with him, the artistic
here (brotherhood in its generic sense Kel;)) is all in a spin over >ROM's<
_Tyrannosaurus_ mount.......>>

Before people get really confused, I believe Darren meant MOR (Museum of the
Rockies) when he wrote ROM in his post.  ROM is the acronym for the Royal
Ontario Museum, and, as far as I know, not getting a new _T. rex_ mount.

Anyways, I have not been able to see the new mount as of yet because I clean
fossils of things like ribs or vertebrae of Ceratopians and talk to small
children and try to explain to them what the heck an _Einiosaurus_ is, and I
don't carry much security clearance there....

Peter Buchholz

"ek-mo-we-cha-SHA-la" that one's really easy Darren....