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Re: Hadrosaur defense.

Michael wrote:

> I also think that the tail of a hadrosaur would have been a
> formidable weapon.  It was heavy and relatively stiff, and would have
> packed a good wallop if moved with any speed at all.  Of course, this
> is just speculation.

The tail of hadrosaurs are very fat seen from the side, but seen from 
above it was thinner that paper! (or very thin). It was absolutely 
impossible to swing the tail whith enough speed, that it would hurt any 
predator. The tail was no weapon. 

But the herding theory is quite good. Imagine you are a tyrannosaur, a 
herd of over 100 hadrosaurs, 12m. long individuals, running right to you. 
Would you attack or would you run for you life, screaming 


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