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Re: Hadrosaur defense.

DinosØMP wrote:
> dwlewis wrote:
> >
> > What is believed to be the Hadrosaurs defense against predators?
> They didn't have any real defense. But they lived in big flocks, which
> may have scared small predators. Big predators could have cached one or
> two of the big flock. But when hadrosaurs laid very many egg at the time,
> very often, it should not be any problem for the flock if one or two
> died!

I'm afraid this strikes me as a somewhat arrogant declaration.  All we
can say for sure is that hadrosaurs didn't have any defenses that were
based on anything that fossilizes.  No horns, or armor, or high speed,
or whiptail, or other defensive weaponry.  Herding isn't an answer --
ceratopsids also herded, as do modern antelope.  High reproductive rate
isn't an answer either -- all dinosaurs had that, and many of them
required other defenses to go with it.  I don't think it's unreasonable
to think that hadrosaurs had some other defense mode.  Camouflage,
maybe.  Intelligence, maybe.  Maybe they had skin toxins like a frog. 
Or sprayer glands like a skunk.  For all we know, they might have used
those crests to produce carnivore-stunning ultrasound pulses.  

-- JSW