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In response to my bit about the weird looking _Tyrannosaurus_ mount at ROM, Pete
Buccholz wrote..

> Before people get really confused, I believe Darren meant MOR (Museum of the
> Rockies) when he wrote ROM in his post.  ROM is the acronym for the Royal
> Ontario Museum, and, as far as I know, not getting a new _T. rex_ mount.

No no no.. Pete, I may be dyslexic but I know the difference between MOR and
ROM. The new _T. rex_ mount I was referring to is at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Note that in my original post I even put ROM in >parentheses< to emphasise that
I was talking about a new place.

In another post, someone had a go at me for criticising the ROM mount. I was not
criticising it - re-read my post! I was/am simply amazed at how odd the mount
is. I'd still like to hear something of its history.

> "ek-mo-we-cha-SHA-la" that one's really easy Darren....

You forget the 'g'. _Ekgmowechashala_. 

"Just trying to help"