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A stealth T. rex?

No, not a new hypothesis of tyrannosaurid predatory ability... :-)

I do NOT want to open the "commercial vs. noncommercial collecting of
dinosaur fossils" can of worms again (and I apologize up front for doing so,
because I KNOW it will open because of this), but I recently discovered that
one of the most complete T. rex specimens of all times has been collected
and is for sale as we speak!

Fossilnet (www.fossilnet.com) has, for sale, a specimen they call "Mr. 'Z'
rex", from Harding County, South Dakota.  It is BIG (femur length 1360 mm,
to Sue's 1380 and the type's 1300), and is alledged to be the gracile morph
(the supposed male morphotype).  It is alledged to be 70% complete.

I heard nothing through the grapevine when this was discovered and
collected.  Does anyone know the details of the collecting of this specimen?
Was this posted to the list, and I missed it?

I don't have $10 million in pocket change, otherwise I'd buy it right now
(that is, from a mention on sci.bio.paleontology, the asking price!).  For
those who lose the bidding war over Sue, this might be an alternative if
your museum really wants a T. rex.

(And it has some REALLY nice looking metatarsal material!  Ah, if only...)

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