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[VOY] Review -- "Distant Origin"

In rec.arts.startrek.reviews, Jonathan Harrington
<jharring@students.wisc.edu> wrote the following:

>"Distant Origin"
>As I've said here before, Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky -- along
>with Jeri Taylor -- are by far my least favorite Trek writers. In
>fact, I think they're often quite awful. So I was surprised that
>this episode wasn't worse than it was. Sadly, it still wasn't
>good, and it had Braga & Menosky's trademark (pathetic science),
>but it wasn't as cheesy as the "Jurassic Park" ripoff the trailer
>last week suggested. 


Because we've done this (mostly offtopic!) topic to death on this
list, I'm not going to include the whole thing. Just have a look on
the news in rec.arts.startrek.reviews if you haven't seen this already
and you're interested. Might be some interesting observations there
for some of us on this list, coming from some how is not dino-nut
and/or paleontologist himself...

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