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some questions

Here are three questions:
1. There are a photo of Phil Currie, standing in a room, full of dinosaur 
skeletons, they are all white, and looks like copies all of them. Right 
behind gim there's a small ceratopsian, standing on two legs, it has too 
big nasal's to be a coronosaur. Does anybody know of that ceratopsian, it 
was quite little, some 1,5-2m. only.

2. Does anybody have any idea if _Lexovisaurus_ was related to 
_Kentrosaurus_, _Stegosaurus_ or _Dacentrurus_?

3. T. Mike Keesey may have got this question anked some times (he knows), 
but now I ask ALL of you! WHAT HAPPENED TO SALTOPUS?!?!?! Where is 
Saltopus? What is Saltopus? What is the new name of Saltopus? What ever 
happened to Saltopus?!?!?


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We'll be waiting for you.