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[Fwd: Re: Fictitious Dinosaurs in various visual (and non-visual) media]

(this seems to have gone off to the great blue as I sent it on 5/4/97
and haven't seen it on my end or in the archives yet, so I'm re-sending
it-sorry if it's a duplicate)
> Office wrote:
> > What is surprisingly missing from all this heat is some sort of
> > constructive solution to the problem. The entertainment business, is --
> > for better or worse -- a business like any other. <snip>
> > If some of the folks on this list would like to come up with a couple of
> > things on the order of, say, a "committee" of experts that are willing
> > to consult (perhaps for free) to the latest and greatest Hollywood opus,
> > and some sort of genuine incentive for TV networks or studios to
> > contribute to legitimate scientific inquiry, we'd be happy to help
> > publicize the existence of these resources.
 a very good review by someone who HAS done dinosaur work for movies and
 television is by William Stout and is in the Dinosaur Society's website
 I strongly urge anyone who has a problem with film and tv
 of dinosaurs to read this.  It may open your eyes to what really
 in film.  Remember, this is by someone who's been there and done that,
 not someone who's 'heard' about a friend of theirs.
 And the Dinosaur Society keeps trying to be that self-appointed
 'committee' of experts for Hollywood, but Hollywood doesn't seem to
 taken them up on it yet.  Hollywood is like that.

           Betty Cunningham  
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